Akcent’s Message for Pakistan Just hit Indians really hard

It is said that Pakistan has the most hospitable and humble people. Anyone who visits Pakistan for the first time goes back with a joyous heart. People get mesmerized by the beauty that God has bestowed geographically to us. Many say that Pakistan has the most perfect place in terms of geographic, from the north we have mountains and valleys and then we have potohar plateaus, Karachi touches Arabian sea which makes Gawader port the most precious of all!

No wonder why so many investors are pouring in. The question arises whey they were not there before?! Because the investors too need good people to host their investment! After Imran Khan’s ruling things are getting much better, and people of Pakistan have a ray of hope in their eyes.

The recent incident that happened in Kashmir, the tragic incident caused 46 casualties of the Indian Army soldiers. After which Indian media and the internet has is after Pakistan like anything.

This one girl tweeted that “India wants Lahore now” and Pakistanis were not offended at all. Many joked about how if Indians come to Lahore, they will never tell them the right direction. Something Lahoris are famous for. Lol!

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So, the favorite international band of Pakistan Akcent just wrote a status “Pakistanio ki yad mein” aur mamlaat kuch kharab hogae!

While Akcent was dearly missing Pakistan and they wrote it out of utter love and followed by their facebook status so many people from all over the globe started pouring in all the love for Pakistan and it was unexplainable!

Love from Pakistan bro, Palestinian aur Pakistani bhai bhai! 

Ary wah! So far but so close! <3

An old friend sending love too! Bangladeshis are the best!

Our beautiful Kashmiri brothers!

And we love Algerian people!

But seeing so much love over the internet, someone just got a liddul liddul burnt!

Alrighty then! 

Bye bye baby boi!

Ouch! Billion burns with just 10 words! Brutal!!

Okay, now that all the Indians have boycotted Akcent, and probably will not invite them anymore. What next? Ban PSL streaming, stop Pakistanis movies in Indian cinemas, strict visa policies. Come on!

Let’s call a sane game and bring all this hate down, it’s high time that conflict should be resolved with talks and not with hasty generalization over the internet.

It’s the 21st century and we need to get the “hate” fixed! And yes, every life matters, every innocent life matters.

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