How to make Coffee mixer

Make Coffee Mixer at Home

Are you a fan of Coffee like me? are you daily drink coffee like me? but you tried of mixing coffee in milk with spoon and still not fully mixed then don’t take tension you are on the right place, today we will learn that how to make coffee mixer at home.

You can also check out the video on YouTube but in this article we will help you to make Coffee mixer so your coffee will be ready in 1 minute and completely ready.

Material Need
  • DC Motor
  • 1.5 Volt or bigger battery or cell.
  • Electric Gun or insulating tape
  • Switch
  • Cardboard or Notebook Side cover
  • Lollipop stick.
Where to find these materials?

I am not using any material which is difficult to find in markets or in your home, you can find all of these material from an old RC Car. if you don’t have electric gun then buy insulating tape, available at all shops.

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First, you need to make a holder or a shape like a stand where we will generally connect all of the other materials.

Make a shape like rectangle and also like square from up and down which will definitely hold DC motor at the top. from the top make a plain surface so we will paste DC motor here with the electric gun or insulating tape.

Paste or connect DC motor at top of that holder with Electric gun or insulating tape.

Take the battery and paste on one side of your rectangular shape holder and switch on the other side of your holder.

Now, connects wires from DC motor to switch and from switch to Battery, hope you will connect wires correct, if not then watch YouTube video.

Take a matchstick and heat the tip of the lollipop stick and make U shape of it.

Now, if your wires are connected properly and your DC motor is working fine then your Coffee Mixer is ready.

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