How to start a successful Vlog channel on YouTube

How to start a successful Vlog channel on YouTube

So you are trying to start a successful Vlog channel on YouTube, well it might be a good decision or also might be a bad decision based upon your skills and the types of equipment you need to start a vlog channel, so let’s talk about every tip that how to start a successful Vlog channel on YouTube and what equipment we need for vlogging and which editor we need and is this a good decision or bad and some more facts about this so let’s start.

Starting a Vlog channel is Good or bad decision

Well, if you are starting a Vlog channel then please keep this in your mind that there are several things you need to follow and the very first thing is content, it’s up to you that what type of content you are trying to show to your viewers and for gaining views I will recommend you to write a good title and an attractive thumbnail but first if you have equipment, camera, and a good video editing software then it’s a very good decision just cover some of the best scenes of your daily life or if you are traveling to somewhat then record those moments but it takes time to rank, but if you don’t have all of this equipment and you are just trying to make your face videos daily then it might be a bad decision.

Equipment we need to record our videos

For making vlog videos this is necessary that you must have a good camera or your smartphone must have a HD recording camera, and you also need a mic to better record your voice in videos, you can connect external mic on smartphones via Male to Female TRRS cable this cable will separate your audio and headphone port and working according to that port. if you want to make better vlogs then try to buy DSLR camera which also supports additional mic so it will give your videos a professional look.

So basic equipment is DSLR Camera or High resolution Camera on smartphone, External mic for better sound recording, and a premium and activated video editing software.

Which editing software is best and why?

i will recommend you Adobe premier pro and after effects but generally for video editing purpose and for making videos for YouTube use Adobe premier Pro this software has every tool which you need for your project. but nowadays Wondershare filmora is also very popular you can also try that but premier pro has every function and fully customizable but remember that premier pro will work for only 30 days if you don’t buy that program.

So these are some of the recommendations from Ceango, we are not responsible for any loss or damage of your equipment these are just recommendations from and if you know any other tip or fact please write below in comments. You can follow this same strategy to start YouTube vlogging channel and run a successful YouTube channel or Vlogging channel.

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