The Secret To Making Money From Facebook

By | January 27, 2021

As in today’s era, everyone wants to make money online Earning. Apparently making money online is easy. But it takes hard work first. Only then can you earn money online. Today I will tell you. How to make money online earning from the Facebook page.

There are four ways to make money from Facebook Page.

  • The first is Facebook Instant Articles
  • The second is the third party advertisement serving different companies directly on the page
  • The third is to earn money by selling products
  • Fourth, through their own products

Now let’s look at the first method, what it is, and how it is possible to make money.

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook is a service that requires you to have your own website or Google Blog or Word Press Blog. You have to spend money on your website, but not much. Domain and hosting are very important for a website.

What Are Domain And Hosting?

Click here to know what a website is and how it is created. The rest of Google and WordPress Google and WordPress provide this facility for free i.e. you can create a blog for free.

Now if you have a blog or your own website, you can link it to your Facebook page, through which Facebook will store your content in the form of an RSS feed, and then a fee. Ads will be displayed on it through the Book Audience Network, and as many people will see it, you will get paid. Click here for full configuration and details of Facebook Instant Articles.

Direct Ads On The Facebook Page

Today’s era is called the era of technology. The whole world can be seen with one click. There are people from all over the world on a similar Facebook page, and if your page has a good reach and millions of likes on it, you can contact private companies, which will give you ads. Which you can put on your page. In addition, you can sell items from different companies through your page. The buy and sell option is now also available on the Facebook page. Different pages that make funny videos or wine. They are advertised by different companies, which you will often see on their pages. What happens now is that in the video the product of this company is advertised, and at the same time the buyer is given a stigma. In this way, the owners of the page are paid separately by the company concerned for the commission on the sale and for running the advertisement, that is, all five fingers are in the pan.

Making Money From Product Sales

Your Facebook page is like an online store, where you can take items from third parties and sell them on your page. (Facebook has also given the option of sale on the pages, i.e. you will offer anything for sale), so the buyer will be able to buy only through your page, and thus the product you will sell. You can earn money or commission per product from it, and I have tested that you can earn at least 50 thousand to 1 lakh per month from it.

Sell ​​Your Product

You can also sell your own products on the Facebook page. Like nowadays people are selling honey, pickles, and other food and drink items. If you will sell standard items, then those customers will take something from you once. They will take it again and again and encourage others to buy items from you. Keep your self-made, product price normal in the beginning. But keep adding up over time. You can ask Home Delivery companies to sell items on your Facebook page.

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