How To Start a Movies Website on Blogger [2019 Guide]

Starting a movies website on blogger and making handsome income on daily basis is easy task now a days. As a rough estimate of the current generation, the average person watches 20-30 movies an year (which makes it about once in two weeks). Considering 50 movie years, it will be about 1250. (quora)

How To Start a Movies Website on Blogger

Complete strategy to start a movies website on blogger in 2019 and earn dollars at home without investment. Nowadays every web-developer may knows about Blogger, currently half of websites are hosting on Blogger because it’s free and you don’t need to take care of your site because your site and account is protected by Google. Those who still don’t know about Blogger, here’s a short intro.

How To Start a Movies Website on Blogger

Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. The blogs are hosted by Google and generally accessed from a subdomain of Wikipedia


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Why we Choose Blogger?

Because, it’s free blog-publishing service that allows multi-users blogs with stamped entries. WordPress is far better in some ways mostly in SEO optimization but we are not comparing these two right now.

We choose Blogger because we are going to create a website without investment, we are not going to invest in buying hosting, etc, Don’t worry about SEO, Movies sites don’t need more SEO to get traffic, you will notice in 1 week that you are receiving organic traffic.

Choosing Domain

We are not going to invest in Domain also, it’s up to you if you have top level domain then that’s great if not don’t worry go to freenom .com and claim free .tk .ga .ml extension domain and link with blogger, i hope you cann do so.

How to Earn with this site?

Our earning source will not be AdSense, because AdSense don’t approve sites which have more videos content and very low or no text content and copyrighted content so we are going to earn with shorten links companies and pop-up ads.

What’s next?

We have now Domain and Hosting before doing other works link your domain to blogger, set description of site whether it’s online movies site or download movies site, the best option is to start a downloading Movies website, it’s better and easy and you can earn more from this.

Find movies from different websites and paste link on your every new post of every new movie which you are going to provide to users for downloading the link must be working use Download images png download it from Google and use that and paste link in that image it attracts user.

I have provided you the best template in for movies site on blogger below you can download and i have also made some pages and posts of some movies you can directly import and then make some changes according to your need.

Here is the template for Movie website on Blogger

Click on icon

Here is the full demo download and import and then make changes according to your need

Click on icon

If you still not understand what to do and how to do it then watch our YouTube video. You can also tell us if this article helps you or not

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