What are the Best Policies for Online Business You Can Start with Low Budget 

By | January 26, 2021

Following are the Useful policies to Start an Online Business

Mobile apps

There is an app called Pages for Facebook Pages, install it, and stay active on your page at all times. You should try to consider this app as a shop and sit there. Like the comment of the person who comments and respond to it. If anyone writes Nice Collection or Nice, please like the comment and write thank you in reply. If someone shows interest in buying your product, message them immediately in the inbox and write in response to the comment, that check inbox. First of all thank this servant in the inbox, that he showed interest in your product, then talk to him in one or two minutes in the inbox and get this servant’s number and call immediately. Better dealing with comments and inbox than on calling. Don’t openly ask for someone’s number. Ask for numbers in the inbox, but don’t do full dealing in the inbox. Dealing on the phone and honestly convince your customer.


There is a Chinese saying, “If you can’t smile, don’t open a shop …” Your product post will contain such frivolous and heartbreaking comments that you will get very angry, but don’t worry. These are businesses. Patience is most important in this, those who write that nonsense is being looted, answer them calmly, that we are ashamed that we could not bring anything of your quality. Even on the phone, if the customer is hot, control yourself. It is a question of providing for your parents or your children. The scope of endurance will have to be widened.


When someone contacts you for your product, never, ever, lie to the customer. Tell them what’s wrong with you. Whether the customer goes, so be it but don’t lie and be dishonest. Believe me, that one will go, then a hundred will come. Nothing is perfect. If anyone asks about the error of your product, let them know. For example, if you are sealing a garment, tell the customer that after one or two seasons the color of the garment will start to fade, but at the same time tell him that a suit of fifteen hundred will be removed in one or two seasons. , Isn’t that enough. Online stores are considered fraud. Try to be one of those people who can restore the trust of your people in online stores.

Return Policy

You keep your return policy soft. Tell the customer, if you do not like my goods, send me back within 24 hours in the same condition as you went. All your money will be refunded. This is something you have to deal with before you send the goods, and you have to follow it. This will increase the customer’s confidence in you.


Whenever there is a happy occasion like festival or your page gets ten or twenty thousand likes, apply promotions for the customers. On such an occasion, if you want, reduce your profit by one hundred rupees or one hundred and fifty rupees. In this case, the people on the page will not be bored uniformly, that you are selling only one thing at the same rate.


When your goods reach the customer, call and get feedback from them, whether they have received the item and they are satisfied.

Also, if you have four to five thousand rupees, hide your visiting cards. Hide your company’s shopper (plastic bags) and when you send the product, send it in your company’s plastic bag and put one of your cards inside. This will give a good impression to the customer, that this is no ordinary company or page, and also the publicity of your company or page.

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