Similarities between Islam and Christianity

Similarities between Islam and Christianity

Islam and Christianity are the world two greatest religions in the world as Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world with 1.8 billion followers in the world and, an estimate shows that after 2050 Muslims will be equal or more than Christians.

Today, we are discussing about similarities between Islam and Christianity, as we all know both religions are monotheistic.

Here are some similarities between Muslims and Christians.

  • Islam and Christianity both are monotheistic Abrahamic religions teaches that there is only one God who created this whole universe.
  • Islam and Christianity both believe on same God, some Christians thought that Allah is other than the God who is in the bible but ‘Allah’ is the Arabic term for god.
  • Muslims and Christians both believe in Jesus however there are some differences in how they believe in Jesus.
  • Some Christians believe that ‘Jesus’ is God and some Christians believe that ‘Jesus’ is the son of God.
  • Muslims believe that ‘Jesus’ is not God or Son of God but ‘Jesus’ is the messenger and prophet sent to children of Isreal.
  • Both Muslims and Christians believe that ‘Jesus’ has no father as they born miracle and they perform miracles and they speak from childhood and they will make dead people alive again by the command of God.

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  • Muslims and Christians both believe on Prophets, Angels and day of Judgement and both believe that ‘Jesus’ will return to kill the evil or ‘Al-Masih ad-Dajjal’.
  • Muslims also believe on ‘Bible’ but however, they believe that nowadays this is not the actual ‘Bible’ which was sent to ‘Jesus’ by God Muslims believe that ‘Bible’ is now spin.
  • Muslims and Christians both believe on ‘Moses’ and ‘Torah’.
  • While there are many other similarities between Christians and Muslims and in the same way there are many differences between Muslims and Christians.

So if you know any other similarities between Muslims and Christians then please comment below that and make sure to respect each other religions.

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