What is The Similarities Between Islam, Christianity and Judaism?

What is the similarities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism? read this article till end hope so we will clarify all your doubt.

Islam, Judaism and Christianity all three are Abraham religions based on teaching of Prophets, from all these three religions, All these three are monotheistic Abraham religions worships only one God.

Islam is the religion which teaches to follow and accept all prophets from Mohammad P.B.U.H back to Adam Peace Be Upon to all of them, Islam teaches to worship only one god and to believe on all prophets of God, Islam teaches to believe on all prophets of God and to believe on all holy books which were sent down to different prophets. Followers of Islam are called Muslims

Christians claimed to be followers of Jesus Christ, that’s why they are called Christians mean followers of Christ. Christians accept all prophets from Adam P.B.U.H to Jesus P.B.U.H but they don’t Muhammad P.B.U.H as a prophet of God.

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Similarities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism

Similarities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism

Similarities between Islam and Judaism

Judaism is also a monotheistic religion, followers of Judaism are called Jews and they worships only one God, Jews accept all prophets from Moses back to Adam but they did’t believe and accept Jesus P.B.U.H and Muhammad P.B.U.H as prophets of God.

Similarities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism are these,

  • All these three religions are monotheistic religions worships only one God.
  • Christianity and Islam teaches to believe on final day of Judgement but in Judaism some Jews don’t believe on Day of Judgement some believe but from different points of views.

Christians believe on Prophets from Adam to Jesus and they believe that Jesus P.B.U.H was the last prophet but Muslims believe that Muhammad P.B.U.H is the last and final prophet sent by God to all mankind, while Jews believe Moses as the final prophet of God.

All these three religions have their holy books while Christians believe also on Moses they called Torah as Old Testament and Gospel as the New Testament also called the Bible. Muslims believe on all these holy books Torah as ‘Torat’ Psalms as ‘Zaboor’ Gospel as ‘Injil’ and the final holy book sent down to Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H ‘Quran Majeed’, While Jews only believe on old testament called Torah.

Muslims, Jews and Christians all believe on Angles of God, Holy books of God, Prophets of God and other revelations of God.

All three religions believe on the same story of creation of Earth and accept Adam A.S as the first person and prophet on earth, however there’s some difference between the story of Garden of Eden and about the creation of universe.

Is there any similarity left between these three monotheistic Abrahamic religions? if yes, then please write in Comment section.

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