Top Facts of Muzaffarabad

Top Facts of Muzaffarabad Azad Jammu Kashmir

Muzaffarabad, the capital city of ‘Azad Jammu and Kashmir’, Those who don’t know about Azad Kashmir, it’s a self-governing state under the Federation of Pakistan. This city was largely damaged on the 2005 earthquake and at least 1 Lakh people died. It was largely rebuilt again after Earth, today we are discussing some of the best and top facts about Muzaffarabad which maybe you have not heard before.

Here are some of the top facts of Muzaffarabad and top things to do in Muzaffarabad

Richest District of Pakistan

Muzaffarabad is the richest district of Pakistan, Yes it’s true announced by Planning commission of Pakistan in a report that Muzaffarabad is the richest district of Pakistan Lahore is on second number, it is because there are very few people who are not doing jobs mostly people in Muzaffarabad are government employees and reports claimed that mostly people in Muzaffarabad are living outside the country mostly in UK and UAE and due to the strict law of UK they can’t hide their wealth so they sent high remittance back to Muzaffarabad this make Muzaffarabad the richest district in Pakistan.


Well, Some people told that Muzaffarabad has even not schools with furniture but this city is largely rebuilt after 2005 and now if you visit Muzaffarabad all buildings are infrastructure and every school and college is now beautiful and infrastructure building, maybe some schools are still in bad situation in the side areas of Muzaffarabad but in main city every building is fully infrastructure. Muzaffarabad has everything and everything is maintained and now digital screen near Earthquake memorial bridge is also installed to show tourists a beautiful view of Muzaffarabad and AJK.

Earthquake Memorial Bridge

Earthquake Memorial Bridge is a 246-meter long extradosed bridge in Muzaffarabad connecting Naluchi and Chattar on the banks of Jhelum River Earhquake Memorial bridge or Naluchi Pull is the famous bridge in all over Pakistan and some reports claim that this bridge is the 2nd highest bridge in Asia. The construction of this bridge was completed on August 2014. This bridge has also 15meter sidewalks on either side. This bridge is popular over the tourists.

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Natural beauty

Kashmir is known for its natural beauty it’s a heaven on earth, but some portion of Kashmir is occupied by India and other is administered by Pakistan. Azad Kashmir consists of 10 districts, the most beautiful places in AJK are Neelum Valley, Leepa Valley, Karen, Sharda, Patika, Rawalakot, Sudhan Gali and many more, these towns are known by their natural beauty, these all towns are full of nature, waterfalls, greenery, mountains and much more.

Zero Terrorism

AJK is one of the peaceful state in all over Pakistan, it is true that sometimes there is a border fight with Indian soldiers both fires at LOC and killed some innocents, but like other suicide bombers, firings, robbery, and other crimes are very lowest in all over AJK, Pakistan most peaceful city is Muzaffarabad which is the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Muzaffarabad is the most peaceful region in all over and Pakistan and I think it should be on the top of the list of peaceful cities of all time in the world. This is included in the top facts about Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Peer Chanasi

Peer Chanasi is the famous tourist’s destination located 30 kilometers east of Muzaffarabad city on the top of hills at an elevation of 2,900 meters. The mountain peak has gained large fame for its ziyarat of a famous Saint Pir Chinasi Known as Pir Sayed Hussain Shah Bukhari, every day hundred of People visit Peer Chanasi not from just Muzaffarabad or AJK also from all over Pakistan. So when you will visit Muzaffarabad don’t forget to visit ‘Peer Chanasi’, a place which is covered by snow everytime.

Still there are many more surprising facts of Muzaffarabad which are not mentioned here just visit and see the beauty of Muzaffarabad

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