Where To Get The Unique Article For Blog Free

By | January 27, 2021

I will share with you five, six (new and old) ways in which you can get unique articles for your website and blog. One of them is sharing some ways today and more ways will be shared gradually.

You know, search engines keep updating themselves, and new updates are a new torment for bloggers, and their problems increase. Doing “SEO” is a daunting task for an ordinary blogger, sometimes keyword competition, sometimes ranking issues, sometimes the threat of Google Panda, sometimes and the attack of Google Penguin and, where to get a good article from above. English is so difficult for us, even our own English is unable to understand.

Hire an article writer for your blog and website, so not every blogger can afford it. So why not share some ways to make bloggers’ lives easier.


So the majority in this group are You Tubers. So the first robbery we hit on YouTube.

First Method

The first method is for the less literate brothers, who understand English, they can do a search on YouTube according to the topic of their website. So more than one video got in front of you. Open the video of the topic on which you have to write and type what is being done in this video and in a few minutes you will have a unique and excellent article. Check it out in Plagiarism Checker, if unique, you can use on your site.

Second Method

The second method is for those brothers who are not well-educated.

This way you can go to YouTube and search for the topic on which you want the article. Then click on the YouTube search option “Filters”, and then select the existing option Subtitles / CC. Then whatever you search for, this video will contain a text file. You know what Subtitles / CC means. This means that a text file of what is being said in the video is present in the video. This is the file we have to get. For this, we have to go to a site and copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video in it. This is the website


Then you have to download the text file from this site and then check that this text is unique or that someone before us has used this method and used this text on their website before us. If used, you can use a good Plagiarism Checker to see if it is not unique, you will have to take text from another video in the same way. After taking the text you have to check it again, if this text proves to be unique, then you have to go to a website and check its grammar, slag, and full stop, etc. It will all be auto-checked from this site.


Then you can paste this unique article on your site or blog.

How To Get High-Quality Unique Articles for Your Blog

We have told you how to get unique articles from YouTube. Now another interesting way to share, which will make your blog that four moons. You may have noticed that some people in Facebook groups were selling hundreds of articles at extremely low rates, while articles were also standard, but then how could they be selling so cheap.

Where thousands of domains are registered daily, the domain or website will expire for many reasons. That is, they expire and their owners no longer renew their domains, or it could be, they leave the world and their domains expire. When a website is down, its data is also deleted from the hosting server and search engines de-index their data or articles images, etc. after some time. So why not re-cover the data of these expired domains or websites and use these articles on your websites.

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