How Much Money Can We Make From Website Designing And Developing?

By | January 27, 2021

The website is designed first. Understanding the background of the business and the organization, to know in a few seconds, what kind of website it is. The design is made for a particular circle, taking into account the audience of the website, country, society, culture, and nation, age of the viewers, their education, and other things.

Schools, stores, newspapers, and blog websites will have different layouts and styles. Color themes, fonts, images will all be in the same circle. The agency submits the final design to the developer or development agency after having more than one design from its designer or client third party, with the contract that I have to develop 100% of the same website, and the design from the developer client. Requests files, which will be built on Photoshop PSD, in-design, or other designing software, and the developer will use fonts and color codes and images from it.

Are Website Design And Development Two Different Things?

The developer will then create the website and check it on different devices and screens. Responses will work with the client and designer if they cannot follow the design 100%, and if the client and designer agree to some changes, they will change it themselves and send another file.

In short, website and mobile app designers and developers work separately and have different sets of skills. There is a great demand for designers, there are few designers in the world and it is said that designers are by birth no matter what they design, they are artists, and no one can become a designer overnight.

What all comes under Web Development

We are developers, not designers. We people and our clients give us the design. We codify accordingly, and big companies with huge budgets hire us. If we have a client who does not have the budget to hire a designer, we help him by pre-designing him, sending him links to demos that are relevant to his business, and He chooses one of them.

Usually, such design themes are available for fifty to sixty US dollars, and we add our fee to it and set it up on the website. If he wants some changes in this design, he will want as many changes as he wants. The hourly wage of the developer will increase accordingly, and if he does not want any change, if he is ready to make his own in terms of the theme demo, then it works for four hundred dollars. These are the basics that every professional should know, somewhere, somewhere this stage will be in front of him.

How much does it cost to build a website?

So the short answer is that it can cost anywhere from three hundred dollars to millions of dollars, depending on what kind of website you need. On what technology and what features or functions are required in it?

Facebook and your bank is also a website and the school site of your neighborhood is also a website, as there is not much awareness on these things. So people do not understand, how a developer’s income can be a thousand rupees or twelve hundred rupees an hour. That’s why good and senior developers stop working locally and only work on the Internet for foreign businesses and organizations where they get paid from twenty dollars to sixty dollars an hour.

The developer’s fee, like that of any doctor or accountant, increases as the skillset increases. Hundreds if not thousands of developers in world charge very good fees as freelancing. The world’s best-selling theme, Ava Da, was designed by an American designer and developed by an Asian developer in country. A friend of ours from America said that his company completed a business website for one million dollars and we told him in reply that we built a website for three million rupees.

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